Busy, busy day. Not a lot of time for writing. But wanted to check in and jot a few notes… Picked up one of my best friends, Beth, from the airport yesterday. We’ve been friends since elementary school days. And then we caught up with more friends at a reunion, some of them going back to elementary school also. It’s funny, the paths of life. Catching up with people you knew when you were just learning how to add and subtract, to create papier-mâché maracas out of light bulbs in art class, and how to find your favorite library books. And then there are all the friends in between then and now. Some of them just as special in different ways. And then there are the more recent friends, those you may have only known for a few months, but whose impact will remain with you a lifetime… Just rambling now, so will leave this thought for another time… I hope your new day is incredibly blessed…

One thought on “Friends…

  1. Ah, how nice! Yes, life is interesting and the different paths we take. Our lives are the choices that we make and I always love going back home, and remembering the way things used to be. We’re fortunate because our Moms still live in the houses we grew up in. Well, you lived other places, but it still is special. I never want anyone else living in my house! Hopefully at the next reunion we can still say that! That not much has changed, not really…

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