Ready… Set… GO!

If you could pick any destination, where would you go? Where do you desire to be at this very moment? Are you content? If not, why not? Nope, I’m not being nosy—and I’m no life coach, travel agent, or counselor. Just a fellow human being trying to figure out her own itinerary and wish list.

Actually, I’d like to be in the Land of No More Suffering and No More Tears, in a world where complete joy and peace and love permeate the atmosphere. I’ll get there someday. I know it exists. But before I step into that realm, I have to finish this obstacle course known as Life on Earth.

And, really, I do believe there are beautiful, joyful moments here on this planet. It’s just that they don’t seem to last long enough. I’ve heard it said that if you’re happy, hang on—because rocky times are around the corner. And if you’re in challenging times, don’t worry—better days are just ahead. “That’s just life.” And I suppose there’s some comfort in that.

But I want to think of life more as a big mountain-climbing experience, where every step, whether up or down, is exciting and invigorating—where even bug bites and unexpected snow and blisters and thorn-pricked fingers are all just signs of being truly alive. Where, instead of thinking that each of us is “a little soul carrying around a corpse,” like the Greek philosopher Epictetus wrote, we’re actually “an exquisite galaxy of trillions of cells, all dancing to the harmony of life.” That’s a direct quote from my friend Joseph Feinstein. I have smart, wise, creative friends. : ) And I am thankful.

So if you’d like to join me on this excursion, I’d be honored. Maybe we can figure out some breathtaking, memorable stops along the way…just as long as we promise to take time and look up at the stars, at the clouds, at the sunrises—and down at the ants and the paw prints and the pebbles…


One thought on “Ready… Set… GO!

  1. Things that make you go Hummm… Am I content? Yes, I think so. I figure I have just one shot at this life. I’m lucky to have family and friends, and laughter, mixed with a little insanity to keep things interesting. So far, it’s been a great ride!

    Where would I go if I could go anywhere? Greece. The pictures are stunning. It’s on my list!

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